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Move Planning Checklist

One of the G.E.T. Moving trailers


Plan a stress-free move

Moving takes a lot of planning! This checklist will help you make sure you get everything done—without forgetting anything—so you can enjoy your move. 

Use this online checklist for reference, or download a pdf version you can print and check off items as you complete them. 

Move Planning Checklist

12 weeks before you move . . .


Call G.E.T. Moving Texas at 903-238-2427 and book your move. If needed, arrange for a representative to walk through your home and assess your packing and moving needs.


Check your homeowner’s insurance policies to see if moving is covered.


Sort through basement, loft or attic, and garage.


Decide what to do with items that cannot go on the moving truck.*


Make arrangements for your children while the moving truck loads your belongings.


Make arrangements for moving your pets and for keeping them safe and secure during the moving process.


If needed, make arrangements to have your vehicle(s) moved to your new destination.


Start using up items in your freezer and pantry cupboard.


Begin learning more about your new destination: schools, churches, shops, theaters, cultural events, etc. It’s never too early to find out about your new home.

10 weeks before you move . . .


Dispose of items you don’t want to move. Have a garage sale or donate to charity.


If your new home will not be ready by your moving date, call G.E.T. Storage to arrange for a storage unit for your belongings. You can also rent a storage unit on this page of our website.

8 weeks before you move . . .


Start making a list of people who will need your change of address.


Begin gathering personal documents (birth certificates, passports, legal and financial documents, etc.) into a container to take with you. (These cannot go in the moving truck.)*

6 weeks before you move . . .


Separate favorite and essential items you want to pack and take with you so you have them available upon arrival at your new destination.


Make sure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date.


Begin making a list and checking prices for new furniture and/or household items you plan to buy once you reach your destination.

4 weeks before you move . . .


Protect your new home by transferring fire, theft, homeowner’s, and other personal property insurance.


Decide which clothing you will separate to travel with you.


Begin to dismantle outdoor furniture for packing.


Find new homes for any plants you will not take with you when you travel to your new home. (Plants cannot go in the moving truck.)*


3 weeks before you move . . .


Make plans to use up most food items before your move.


Arrange to have major appliances serviced before you move them.


Have rugs and/or carpets cleaned.

2 weeks before you move . . .


Notify the Post Office and get change of address forms. Note: You must complete a change of address form for each person who receives mail at your address.


Notify credit card companies, magazine subscriptions, and other companies who send you mail of your upcoming new address.


Transfer bank accounts to your new city. If necessary, ask the local credit bureau to transfer your records to your new location.


Arrange to disconnect utilities, cable TV, delivery, and other services at your current home.


Make arrangements to connect utilities, cable TV, delivery, and other services at your new home.


Contact the phone company to schedule disconnecting service at your current home and setting up service at your new home.

7 days before you move


Plan simple meals for moving day to avoid needing to use appliances.


Separate and begin packing luggage items you will need for personal travel. If you have children, make sure to include their favorite toys.


Clean yard tools and any other gardening equipment.


Completely empty all fuel from tanks of mowers, weedeaters, propane tanks, generators, and other fuel-powered tools.


Sort out and plan to dispose of items that you will not personally move and that cannot travel on the moving truck.*


Arrange to have cash, certified check, or money order ready to pay your moving truck driver before goods are unloaded (unless your employer is paying the charges or you have arranged to pay by credit card).


Make sure you have at least a 2-week supply of all necessary medications along with  copies of prescriptions for use at your new destination.


Set aside all medications, keys, games, snacks, personal papers, collections, and other items you will take with you in your car.


Thoroughly drain water from all garden hoses.


If G.E.T. Moving is packing for you, leave all household goods in place. It’s easier and safer to pack items where they are than to move or stack them (e.g., glassware should be packed directly from the cabinet where it’s kept).


Make sure to label all boxes on the SIDE. Labels written on the top cannot be read as boxes are stacked. Correct labeling will save time and confusion as the movers unload your belongings.

The day before you move . . .


Disassemble all beds, washers, dryers, and other appliances unless we are doing it for you.


Defrost, clean, and dry the refrigerator.


Put cleaning supplies that can travel on the moving truck,* toiletries, and a coffee pot in a special box to be loaded last and unloaded first.


If you are doing your own packing, finish packing all boxes. Try to pack boxes to their maximum capacity—and DON’T FORGET TO LABEL THE SIDE OF EACH BOX.

Moving day


RELAX! The G.E.T. Moving family is coming to take your belongings to your new home, safe and sound.

*See the complete list of prohibited items that cannot go in the moving truck.