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Meet Your Movers

Meet Your Movers - Team Leaders

We love what we do and we do it with passion. We treat every move as the most important move we've ever done. 

We know moving day is stressful. On top of everything that has to be done, a bunch of guys you don't know are walking into your house and touching your belongings.

But we want to make that day less stressful. We want our presence to make your day better, not worse.

Our entire staff wear company uniforms with their names on them so you know who is in your home. Each member of our crew is rigorously trained to handle your belongings with care and to treat you with friendly respect. Our goal is that within a short time of our arrival, instead of feeling like you have strangers in your home, you will feel like some friends came over to help you move.

Meet Our Team Leaders

Cody Yoder, Owner-Operator of Get Moving Texas

Cody Yoder

I learned to love the moving business during the 8 years I worked for a moving company while I lived in Austin. I realized that on moving day, people need a friend: someone who can bring positivity and energy into a stressful time. That's the most important quality I look for in my team. I've known most of these guys since we were kids, so I can attest to their character and personality. I know they are more than just hard workers; they are friendly, encouraging, and helpful.

Jeremy D. - Amazing Mover at G.E.T. Moving & Storage LLC.

Jeremy D.
Office-Storage Manager

Hi, my  name is Jeremy. My wife Patricia and I have two beautiful daughters. I love my family with all my heart and love to spend time with them. I attended college at TSTC in Waco, where I studied automotive engine and body repair. I've lived all over the great state of Texas, but Longview is home. I've been with G.E.T. Moving for over 7 years, and I can honestly say it's been awesome. I've met a whole lot of good people and made some great new friends. 

Brian W. - title

Brian W.
Crew Chief

I'm Brian. I graduated from Hallsville High School in 2001. Cody and I have been best friends since we were kids. I'm one of the original 3 movers at G.E.T. Moving Texas. I feel tons of pride in being able to give back to East Texas! I enjoy being able to help people on what can be stressful days. I'm responsible for making sure everything in your move runs smoothly in the field and for making sure we treat our customers like our best friends!

Darin C..--Amazing Mover at G.E.T. Moving & Storage LLC.

Darin C.
Amazing Mover

My name is Darin. I have four children, two girls and two boys. I graduated from Gilmer High School in 2003 and joined the Army in 2004. I proudly served 8 years as an operator/maintainer of the Patriot Missile Launching Station. I believe in love and marriage. I'm a big fan of movies, music, and laughing with my friends. I truly love and believe in this company and in my co-workers, and I'm excited to watch this company grow.

Josh S.--Amazing Mover at G.E.T. Moving & Storage LLC.

Josh M.
Amazing Mover

My name is Josh. I have lived in Longview most of my life. I graduated from Wyotech in 2016 with a major in Automotive Technology and Chassis Fabrication. My family and I are from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, so we are huge Steeler fans! I have a passion for the outdoors; I love hunting, mud parks, shooting, and I recently got into riding motorcycles. I'm very adventurous and dedicated to everything I do. Accomplishment is key!

We make sure all your belongings are properly secured and protected

Professional Care
Quality Customer Service

Every member of our team is professional, trustworthy, reliable, friendly, and encouraging.

We are a band of brothers—a family—and we treat you the same way we would want someone to treat our families.

We'll show you exactly why calling G.E.T. Moving is the best way to make moving day a good day.