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Prohibited Items

Our team stands ready to protect your belongings!

Some types of items are impractical—or even illegal—to be carried on a moving truck. Doing so could put all of your belongings in danger. 

Please watch our video about items we can and cannot carry.

Items that cannot be carried on a moving truck

Flammables and/or corrosivesMovers cannot carry flammables, corrosives, or explosives

  • Acids, cleaning solvents, ammonia, liquid bleach, paint, varnish, paint thinner
  • Fireworks, fire extinguisher, lighter fluid, matches, charcoal
  • Gasoline or other fuels, motor oil, anti-freeze, propane tanks, kerosene, lamp oil, Sterno
  • Aerosols, nail polish, nail polish remover
  • Fertilizer, week killer, pesticides, poisons, pool chemicals
  • Car batteries, household batteries
  • Darkroom chemicals, chemistry sets, scuba tanks
  • Loaded guns, reloading supplies

Plants and Foods

  • LIVE PLANTS—NO live plants can be transported on the moving truck.
  • Perishable food, produce
  • Open food packages
  • Frozen food can be transported in a freezer only if the distance is less than 150 miles and delivery will be completed within 24 hours of loading. The freezer must be at a normal deep-freeze temperature at the time of loading. Open food and perishable food items cannot travel on the moving truck

Personal Items

  • Personal documents (birth certificates, marriage licenses, wills, insurance documents, passports, pink slips, car titles, employment records, school records, medical and dental records, professional files/research materials, anything with your Social Security number)
  • Financial documents (checkbooks, checkbook registers, bank statements, financial statements, tax records, cash, credit cards, stocks and bonds, airline tickets)
  • Collections (stamps, coins, baseball cards, etc.)
  • Photos, photo albums
  • Expensive jewelry
  • Irreplaceable artwork or family heirlooms
  • Expensive electronic devices (cell phones, laptops, e-books, computer backups, 
  • Prescription medications
  • Keys

PetsPets cannot travel on the moving truck

  • No live animals can be transported on a moving truck.

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