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Storage Tips

Make it easy on yourself!

Storing your belongings and accessing them again shouldn't be a hassle. Our storage units have extra-wide hallways for easy access, and moving dollies are available for your use. 

These simple tips will make storing your property—and accessing it while in storage—much easier.

Be a smart packer

  • Use quality packing materials, especially for breakables. We stock packing materials and have everything you will need available—usually at a better price than you will pay elsewhere.
  • Avoid using boxes from the grocery or liquor store. Insect eggs and insects frequently travel in food boxes and may cause an infestation in your storage unit. 
  • Pack heavier items on the bottom of the box and lighter items on top. 
  • Label each box on the sides of the box. (Labels written on the top of boxes cannot be seen when boxes are stacked.) Labels should include a box number and a brief description of contents (e.g., kitchen, bedroom, etc.). Write fragile on any box containing breakable items. 
  • Keep a list of all boxes and other items in storage. Include box numbers and a brief description of contents in your list. 
  • Leave room to walk between stacks of boxes and other stored property, especially if you will need to access your belongings while in storage. 
  • Check out our additional packing tips.

Be security consciousSecurity tip--keep your access code safe

  • Keep the key to your storage unit in a safe place. 
  • Never share your access code with anyone. 
  • If you are storing high-value property, check with your home insurance agent to see if your policy covers property in storage. If not, you may want to consider buying insurance for stored property. 

Know what you cannot store

Some types of items are dangerous or can attract pests. Please do not store these types of items:

  • Perishable food items
  • Plants
  • Scented candles or soaps
  • Anything that contains fuel, chemicals, combustibles, or fireworks
  • Stolen property and drugs (including prescription drugs)
  • Pets. Mittens may try to sneak into the packing boxes, but it is illegal to store animals (dead or alive).
No animals can be kept in a storage unit


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